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A committed artist
and a woman of challenges.

Putting her generosity, her formidable energy and her notoriety at the service of the most disadvantaged, the Malian star Oumou Sangaré defends the values of Africa. 

In 2017, the album Mogoya signalled the long-awaited return of Oumou Sangare after eight long years during which the Malian singer devoted herself to managing her numerous businesses (hotels, agriculture, pisciculture, cars…). With that album, recorded in Stockholm and Paris, the woman who once sold water on the streets of Bamako and has since become a global star and prosperous businesswoman reconnected with her audience, treading a fine line between her attachment to the traditional music of Wassoulou, the region of Mali which she hails from, and technological dislocation, gracing her fans with songs whose vital force was still intact and laying bare a heart that has remained as ardent as ever.

In return, Oumou suddenly found herself propelled into a new dimension, that of pop culture. Painted by the Congolese artist JP Mika for the front cover, remixed by Sampha, St Germain, Malik Djoudi and others for the follow-up Mogoya Remixed, and even sampled by Beyoncé (‘MOOD 4 EVA’ on The Lion King: The Gift album), never before had she appeared so far removed from the land of her birth – an impression that this new ‘unplugged’ version of Mogoya, proposed by Laurent Bizot of the Nø Førmat! label and magnificently undertaken by the artist, is designed to rectify. The acoustic apparel of the songs restores an authenticity that comes from committing to the initial take, without any safety-net or retouching. In other words, the truth of a rare moment that’s bonded to the emotional intensity emerging from it.

Her new album

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