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May, 15th at La Cigale (Paris)

Alias ​​presents:
Oumou sangare
Paris – La Cigale
Sunday May 15, 2022
With 9 albums, Oumou Sangaré upholds humanist values ​​and her fight for female emancipation. Diva of the voiceless and majestic icon, the Malian singer reconnects with the dancing rhythms and haunting melodies of the Wassoulou tradition to enchant an Africa as ancestral as it is contemporary.
Propelled in 2017 into a new dimension with her album Mogoya, that of pop culture: painted by the Congolese artist JP Mica, remixed by Sampha, Saint Germain and other Malik Djoudi and even sampled by Beyonce (Moo 4 Eva in The Lion King ) or accompanied by Tony Allen, Oumou continues to explore her values ​​today with the same freedom and audacity as at the time of her first cassettes released thirty years ago.
It is indeed the fighter, the rebellious, the rebellious that we will find with a new album and new live in 2022 at

LA CIGALE – PARIS – MAY 15, 2022


Date: Sunday, May 15, 2022
Location: La Cigale
Address: 120 boulevard de Rochechouart
Metro: Pigalle, Antwerp